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MP2® 6.1 Advanced Course Traing Agenda

If you have taken the basic course, or have used the program for at least six months, the advanced course is for you.

Day One

  • Discuss your current work and purchasing processes
  • Equipment
  • Create nameplates to store permanent equipment data
  • Create variables to store changing equipment data
  • Managing Moveable equipment
  • Analyze equipment failure and related costs
  • Statistical Predictive Maintenance (SPM)- identifies readings outside control limits
  • Generate work orders based on SPM limits

Day Two
  • Inventory
  • Discuss how your parts are named
  • Physical inventory
  • Analyzing cost and usage of inventory
  • Manage and re-order parts efficiently
  • Track and calculate the cost of repairable spare parts
  • ABC and EQO Analysis

Day Three
  • Use benchmarks as a tool to measure the effectiveness of your operation
  • Identify activities to benchmark
  • Establish Key Performance Indicators
  • Set Goals
  • Determine necessary reports for measurement
  • Comprehensive Review