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MP2® Access 2000 or Access 5.0 Advanced Course Training Agenda 

If you have taken the basic course, or have used the program for at least six months, the advanced course is for you.

Day One

  • Discuss your current work and purchasing processes
  • Equipment
  • Create nameplates to store permanent equipment data
  • Create variables to store changing equipment data
  • Managing Moveable equipment
  • Analyze equipment failure and related costs
  • Statistical Predictive Maintenance (SPM)- identifies readings outside control limits
  • Generate work orders based on SPM limits

Day Two
  • Inventory
  • Discuss how your parts are named
  • Physical inventory
  • Analyzing cost and usage of inventory
  • Manage and re-order parts efficiently
  • Track and calculate the cost of repairable spare parts
  • ABC and EQO Analysis

Day Three
  • Use benchmarks as a tool to measure the effectiveness of your operation
  • Identify activities to benchmark
  • Establish Key Performance Indicators
  • Set Goals
  • Determine necessary reports for measurement
  • Comprehensive Review