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MP2® Access 2000 or Access 5.0 Basic Course Training Description

This course will provide the MP2® tools necessary to improve your maintenance operations. Topics taught include how to:
  • Create a standardized work order system to record trouble calls, corrective maintenance tasks and preventive maintenance (PM) tasks. Performing scheduled maintenance (PM) on equipment reduces equipment downtime and overall maintenance costs.
  • Track the cost and usage of spare parts. Reduce expensive emergency orders.
  • Establish an inventory re-ordering method that will alert you to reorder parts that have fallen below reorder points.
  • Set up a predictive maintenance program to identify equipment readings that are outside control limits, alerting you to schedule maintenance before equipment breaks down.
  • Use Reason for Outage (RFO) codes to analyze equipment downtime, perform root cause analysis and reduce costly repetitive breakdowns and problems.
  • Track the number of labor hours and cost of labor for each maintenance task in two ways; by craft or by employee.
  • Make MP2® user friendly by hiding unnecessary fields, changing field names and making certain fields and tables view only.
  • Enter quotations, requisitions and purchase orders
  • Create reports on all areas of your organization, including costs for open and closed work orders, equipment downtime and response times for closed work orders