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Crystal Reports® Course 

This course will provide you with the knowledge and tools to:
  • Modify existing MP2® reports
  • Create new, customized reports
  • Insert summaries, totals and other formulas into reports
  • Link tables and format objects, text and graphics
  • Create graphs with the crystal report chart expert
  • Create cross tab objects

The course usually takes two to three days, depending upon the areas you want to cover and the number of trainees.

This course will also increase your understanding of the relationship between tables and fields in MP2®.

MP2® has some limitations for modifying existing reports and creating new ones.

MP2® will not permit you to:
  • Format a work order so that it prints on one page
  • Add a logo to your purchase order
  • List the vendor information on the purchase order so that it shows through a clear envelope
  • Add a second approval signature line to the purchase order
  • Link tables to create custom report
All of these modifications can be done in Crystal Reports!