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Weblink® customers use a web browser to submit work requests and purchase requisitions. This is possible from any workstation equipped with internet/intranet access and a web browser. Weblink® is linked to the MP2®database, so that if a work request is approved in Weblink, it will also be approved in MP2®.

Weblink® runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Using Weblink® to enter work requests and purchase requisitions is often more cost effective than purchasing additional MP2® licenses.

It usually takes three days to install WebLink® and learn how to use it, depending upon the number of trainees.
  • Navigating Weblink® 
    • Menus and icons
    • Selecting values from lookup table
  • Work Requests 
    • Submitting
    • Viewing work request status
    • Modifying work request status
    • Review and approve work request
    • Close work orders
  • Create and submit purchase requisitions
    • View purchase requisition status
    • Approve Purchase Requisitions
    • Modify Purchase requisitions
  • Administering Weblink
    • Adding users
    • Importing uses from MP2®
    • Establishing security
    • Auditing Weblink® activity
    • Setting options
    • Modifying display options