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Barcode Scanning Course

Using the barcode scanner has numerous benefits, including:

Increasing the effectiveness of inventory management by reducing the number of parts shortages

Reduced labor costs- it takes much less time to check out a part with the scanner than in MP2®

Improved accuracy of inventory transactions

It usually takes one day to install the barcode scanner and between 2-3 days to learn how to use it, depending upon the number of trainees.

Barcode Scanning Course Agenda
  • Download MP2® data collection program 
  • Set up inventory and work orders 
  • Create and print barcode labels for:
    • Equipment
    • Cost center
    • Inventory
    • Bins
    • Vendors
  • Parts check out and Return to:
    • Work order
    • Equipment
    • Cost center 
  • Receive inventory
  • Perform physical inventory
  • Take meter readings
  • Take Statistical Predictive Maintenance readings