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Pocket MP2® 

Pocket MP2® puts the power of MP2® in your maintenance technician’s pocket.

Pocket MP2® eliminates the need to return to a desktop PC to enter information.

Work assignments are downloaded to technicians and completed work orders are sent back to the MP2® database.

Critical information is available to technicians when they need it. Labor hours, parts used, meter readings and physical inventory can be tracked, and work orders can be created on the fly.

Pocket MP2® utilizes small, inexpensive pocketPC palmtop computers that connect to your MP2® database via docking cradle, dial-up or wireless communication.

It usually takes two to three days to install Pocket MP2® on the server and client PDA’s and between 2-3 days to learn how to use it, depending upon the number of trainees.

Pocket MP2® Course Agenda
  • Download assigned work orders
  • Enter labor, parts, and comments
  • Enter reason for outage information
    • The reason the machine was down
    • How long the machine was down
    • The solution to the problem
  • Transfer work orders
  • Place work orders on hold
  • Complete assigned work orders
  • Create work orders on the fly
  • Enter meter readings
  • Perform physical inventory
  • View critical Equipment information, work order history, safety notes, spare parts and meter readings
  • Transmit data to MP2® database at end of shift