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Optimizing Storeroom Inventory 

In this challenging economy, effectively managing of storeroom inventory is even more important than ever. Successful implementation of this course will result in a more optimal management of inventory by reducing number of spare parts without increasing equipment downtime.

Your MP2®/Infor EAM® program provides the primary tools to improve spare parts management process by reducing inventory cost. This course is tailored for both beginner and advanced MP2®/EAM® users who wish to improve storeroom inventory management.

Benefits of improved storeroom inventory:
  • Reduce inventory holding costs, including costs of
    • Taxes and insurance
    • Storage
    • Loss
    • Capital
  • Less time spent looking for parts
  • Eliminate part duplication
  • More accurate data provides leverage with vendors for price discounts

Course Outline - In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Identify and manage slow moving, overstocked and obsolete inventory
  • Determine key inventory indicators such as turnover ratios, stockout occurrences, service levels and part accuracy.
  • Establish reordering programs that benefit the plant, not the part manufacturer
  • Use part standardization as a strategy to share inventory between sites, achieve bulk buying discounts
  • Reduce expensive emergency purchases