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Inventory Management

With Inventory storeroom management services, Midwest Software Specialists can help your company save money by streamlining inventory storeroom processes and procedures and building databases that ensure the integrity and accuracy of data.

We can help you:
  • Build a standardized MRO (Maintenance, Repairs and Operations) inventory database
  • Reduce stock-outs and equipment downtime
  • Save on purchases by consolidating your vendor base
  • Reduce expensive emergency buying

Below is a description of some of the services we provide in this area:

Parts Identification

We help identify, document and standardize the data for all of the parts in your storeroom. We will work with your staff to create a spreadsheet of all the items that are valid storeroom items. The standard format created can serve as the basis for developing an item master across all sites.

Storeroom organization

We will create a storeroom plan by organizing your inventory into commodity groups, such as electrical parts, valves, air and hydraulics and industrial supplies. Organizing the storeroom saves time and money, ensuring your parts are in stock and reducing surplus and obsolete inventory.

Spend Analysis

We analyze your inventory to determine minimum inventory levels, obsolete items, and excess inventory. Dollars spent can be analyzed by supplier, commodity type and stock vs. non stock to identify opportunities to consolidate your purchases. We organize your parts by commodity groups and categorize them into active, obsolete, surplus and 'emergency' groups and recommend optimal inventory levels.

Business Process Review

We work with your staff to determine processes and procedures for inventory checkouts and returns, physical inventory, receiving, valuations, as well as purchasing. All procedures will be documented for training purposes and future use.

Barcode Scanning Implementation

Collecting data with a barcode scanner will allow you to:

  • Reduce data entry time and improve accuracy for many procedures
  • Manage inventory more efficiently by cutting down on parts shortages
  • Reduce labor costs since barcode scanner can typically record data five to seven time as fast as a skilled typist

Once Barcoding is installed, you can print barcode labels and easily collect inventory and equipment information, work order data and meter readings. The final step is simple-just submit the information from the barcode scanner to the database to administratively review and post. You can also program the scanner to collect data for one site exclusively, and only the system administrator is able to view and modify this setting.